Amy Ackerman has been living and breathing art since she was old enough to hold a paintbrush. She found her passion in water colors, blending emotion and life experiences into moving shades and fine ink detailing.  At an early age Amy began showing her work in galleries in New York City and the Hudson Valley, including Karma, Darmstadt, Lovebird Studios (Rosendale), Marketplace Gallery (Albany), BSP Gallery in Woodstock, Art Upstairs in Phoenicia, and “Sing for Hope” in NYC.   Amy is an intuitive painter and the magic and mystery that nature provides is always somewhere in her art.  Once focused on an idea, she works quickly and surely from her heart, not planning the outcome, yet finding the result to be exactly what it ought to be.  Illustrating children’s books is where Amy sees her future as she wishes to inspire children’s imaginations and give them hope through the stories her art completes, as  only Amy, with her unique vision and style, can do.